KV Alumni

Pass out students

(1) Sh Samitabh Chakraborti, Pass out Student of KV Dinjan in 1976 , Working in Army

(2) Sh Suresh Koundel , Pass out Student of KV Dinjan from  1982 to 1985, working in USA

(3) Dr Rajat Mathur, President Saraswati Colleges, Pass out Student of KV Dinjan from 1988

(4) Sh D Bhattacharya, Pass out student of 1990,

(5) Ms Babita Das, Pass out student of 1992, Working in KV Dibrugarh

(6) Sqn Ldr SS Multani , 127 HU Airforce Station Mohanbari , Ph 9435532247

(7) Dr Meeta Grewal, Currently working at New Yark, Pass out in 1997

(8) Sh Sheyana Devaiah , currently working in KVS , Pass out in 1997

(9) Dr Shishir Bhilawadekar, working as Dr. in Mumbai, Pass out in 1997

All the Pass out students of KV Dinjan are requested to pl be in contact of school