PRINCIPAL , SHRI PHANI BHUSHAN PANDEY (प्राचार्य, पी.बी. पाण्डेय)

We give maximum stress on all round development of child’s personality. We have engaged experts and coaches in the field of Art & Craft,Music, Games and Yoga.The counsellor employed by us takes care of adolescence related issues of students. Through CCA and other extra-curricular activities children are provided an appropriate platform to exhibit their talents. Scouting and NCC units are also constituted in the Vidyalaya. We bring out the Vidyalaya magazine annually to nurture the creative talent of the children.

Our staff is regularly trained through In-service training programmes, workshops and induction courses to equip them with the latest concepts/trends in the subject,methodology and educational technology. Our mission is to produce future citizens endowed with values and skills to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world.